Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Level

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··      We all need to be proficient in use of Excel in most working environments.

·      This Microsoft Excel course provides Intermediate level  learnings with practical examples

·      The course assumes basic Excel knowledge, we recommend you also take the Excel Beginners course provided by SourceTheCpourse

·      The course is delivered by a highly experienced professional trainer with strong skills in Excel.


The course will cover the following seven topics:

1.     Introductions to Fill Techniques, Reports, Short cuts

2.     Freeze Panes: how to lock headings, rows and columns

3.     If Function: it is part of a group of Logical functions used to various conditions

4.     Vlookup function: these are most commonly used functions in excel, looking for certain value to search functions

5.     Conditional formatting: it is a Combination of IF function and Formatting. Display the result in language of colours, used extensively for reporting

6.     Tables: it is a specific structure that converts items into tables with functions and features

7.     Pivot tables: are specialized tables that gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to calculations, representations of information and analysis




  • Learn Fill Techniques, Reports, IF functions, V-Look functions, Conditional formatting, Tables & Pivot tables

COURSE Audience

  • Almost all of us need proficiency in Excel

COURSE Requirements

  • Basic Excel knowledge

Course Features

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Course Curriculum

Start Here

  • Fill Techniques, Reports, Short cuts
  • IF Functions
  • V-Lookup Function
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Table and Conclusion

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